Opportunities not only for artists, but also for corporates, businesses and individuals


  • Get more than 90% of your sponsorship value back in beautifully printed books
  • Your sponsorship is an investment in this exclusive gift for your valued clients
  • Enjoy the confidence in knowing that our artists have been pre-approved by a panel of art and investment experts
  • Free advice and relevant information about your preferred artists' work
  • Sponsors are acknowledged on a dedicated upfront spread in the prestigious publication
  • Invitations to the official Book Launch and to exhibitions
  • Become knowledgeable about contemporary local artists, and fall in love with their paintings
  • As an added bonus — Most artists have offered to donate a painting or a print to their sponsor!

Now isn’t that all amazingly exciting news!

Only 40 artists can feature in the printed book and YOU get to decide who they will be!


1. You are invited to participate by sponsoring an artist
Over 65 artists who have applied, have already been approved by the WKA panel. The first 40 artists to be sponsored, will feature in the printed coffee-table book.

2. 'Fall in love'
Browse ARTISTS and ARTISTS GALLERY and appreciate the work by our pre-approved artists. You are sure to fall in love with at least one of them, so contact us promptly to secure your favourite artist.

3. Feel free to ask questions
We are here to answer your questions ­— from “What if the artist we love is not on the website?”, to “Has this artist agreed to donate a painting or a print?” to “When do we get our books?” ... Just ask!

4. Send us your Booking Form
Once we have received your completed booking form, we will notify your artist that they have a sponsor and to supply us with the information we require for their 6 exclusive pages. If they have agreed to donate a painting or print, WKA will connect the two of you so that you can make final arrangements in that regard.

5. We will send you an invoice
Since the project relies solely on sponsorships, it will only go to print once all payments have been made. We appreciate your co-operation in this regard.

Go on, make an artist happy ... and be rewarded!

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