Sharon Meyer

Sharon Meyer


Sharon Meyer (b1954) grew up on the Natal South Coast, where she received her her formal education. Her family enjoyed boating and fishing and so Sharon spent much of her time on the beautiful beaches in the area,  and developed her love for the outdoors. From an early age, Sharon enjoyed creating, and would spend hours in the garden with her friends building and decorating the most exquisite fairy houses. She later developed a passion for movement and started ballet classes. From then on, costumes and make-up and exciting shows with tutus and glitter filled her formative years.

As an adult, Sharon swopped ballet for Shukokai, and her decorated fairy-houses became beautifully painted canvases. Drawing her inspiration from both her childhood joy, as well as some of the emotional life challenges that she had to deal with, Sharon's paintings are the product of both 'painting for the love of it' as well as commissioned work — and reflect her passion for nature, for people and for movement.

Today her work can be found in collections around the world, and current paintings are available from The Gallery in Umhlanga Rocks and The Green Gallery in Mt Edgecombe.


My paintings are a work of love. I love every moment that I am immersed in the peaceful space of my studio, with beautiful images waiting to form on canvas. They are always done in oils and inspired by treasured memories.

The images I like to portray, come from a special place deep inside of me — my happy life experiences. They are never angry or hostile. They never invoke challenging questions or create debate. Rather, I intend to reflect harmony through my work. 

I believe that life can be difficult and it has enough discomfort, so my work should offer an uncomplicated, and restful place.