Olaf Bisschoff

Olaf Bisschoff



"There is no such thing as abstract art, or else all art is abstract, which amounts to the same thing. Abstract art no more exists than does curved art yellow art or green art."
— Jean Dubuffet

The new phase introduces out-of-place-objects into painted out-of-place landscapes, the artist attempts an homage to modernist abstract painting.

Notably the work of Finnish non figurative abstraction and the Russian Avant Garde Supremacist movement.

Aspects of some of these artworks are blatantly appropriated and used again. This is the fine artist as con-artist. This series of works is a celebration rather than a statement of the fact that there is ‘nothing new’ to be made art- wise. Colour use and a sense of 'automatic' composition will be at the forefront.

The landscape and ownership of land is examined in these works. Can a conjured landscape really be owned?

Squarely falling into the ‘mid-century’ modernist revival, these paintings are testing already used images in another painted setting. The works function in an idiom of painting that has been re-hashed before, and certainly will be again.