Louise Hall

Louise Hall


As a working artist I have exhibited my work in solo and group shows both nationally
and internationally, and have sold work to private and public collectors in South
Africa and overseas.

I am currently Academic Leader of the Centre for Visual Art (CVA), UKZN, where I
completed a Practice-led PhD (PLR) in 2013.

In addition to my current portfolio of art making, academic management, teaching,
supervision and research, I have art teaching experience at high school and adult
education levels and have worked in the development facilitation context in KwaZulu-
Natal. I was a founder member of DWEBA, an NGO that worked with rural
craftswomen and developed a participatory training methodology using drawing as a
central component. This methodology was published as a resource guide in 2001
entitled ‘Drawing our Lives”.


Figurative images are recurrent in my work. More recently, I have been concerned
with landscape, in particular, imaginary cross-sections of land forms. These images
speak of subterranean strata prone to disruption and excavation.

All my work evolves through iterative drawing which manifests a characteristic
layered graphic line and mark making.

My fascination with artistic practice is as much about making images and broadening
my dexterity in melding the syntax of painting and drawing, as it is about holding the
paradox of steadying myself enough to think clearly while surrendering to an artistic
process that is neither linear nor predictable.

This process is a curious space that must destabilize; a sweet spot of vulnerability
and exhilaration which sometimes yields glimpses of insight that defy neat, linguistic
translation. It’s a wild beast, I tell you, but that somehow reminds me of my humanity.

Instagram: louisehallartist