Kilmany-Jo Liversage

Kilmany-Jo Liversage


Kilmany-Jo Liversage (b.1973) lives and works in Cape Town.


1994 H.Dip Fine Arts. Free State Technikon. Received a distinction in Painting

1997 B.Tech Fine Arts, Free State Technikon

Special Honours & Awards

2000 SASOL New Signatures Art Competition (Best Painting)

2005 UNESCO Aschberg Bursary, Paris France

2013 Back 2 Back to Biennale. 55th Venice Biennale


I draw inspiration from street culture and source portrait images from mass media and social networks. The portraits are randomly selected and although the person portrayed might not be familiar to the viewer, it conjures up a universally recognisable sense of familiarity. The viewer is confronted with a complete stranger, yet senses a mutual common ground.

She creates portraits that sit at the blurry boundary between fine art and graffiti.

Adopting the graffiti or urban art language allows her to update, renew and challenge the conventions of painting, though her rendering of female subjects are inspired by Renaissance era portraiture. It also references digitised mass production and a futuristic post-human world, populated by perfect-looking female cyborgs. The result is a series of brightly coloured large-scale paintings, evoking the street, art history and the future.