Kadi Sabi (Kamohelo Morobe)

Kadi Sabi (Kamohelo Morobe)


- Illustrator / artist at ICONiX SA — a group of modern day Renaissance kids who do different forms of art.

- Student of Graphic Design at Pearson Institute of Higher Education (Midrand)


I am a visual artist working in a variety of media, my work is inspired by the past, present and future; by merging several seemingly incompatible worlds into a new universe, my work is about creating an alternative-reality, the inspiration is from different things; things I feel/felt, things I've heard and things I've seen. I read somewhere that when we recall/remember things our minds don't have folders of different memories, our minds actually create a picture of a certain memory the same way you would put together a puzzle. That's how I come up with concepts for work; my mind re-puzzles "things I feel/felt, things I've heard and things I've seen" into one piece.