Jeanne de Jongh

Jeanne de Jongh


I was born in 1964 and grew up on our family farm between Amersfoort and Wakkerstroom in the then South-Eastern Transvaal. During my 22 years living on our farm, I developed a deep affection for the beauty of farms, farming and the wide-open veld. My grandmother, who lived in Wakkerstroom, studied art and music at the University of Stellenbosch, or the Victoria College, as it was known at the time. She had a great impact in my love for both, especially art. I am mainly a self-taught artist and started painting to satisfy my desire to put my love for art into practice.

I prefer vibrant colours and texture in my work as it expresses my view of life being based on joy and the bright side of life. My favourite medium is oil and I love thick impasto work. I therefore use a pallet knife to a large degree in my paintings.


I am a sentimentalist and wishes to touch peoples’ hearts with the unbound beauty and joy which emanates from my childhood memories.

My subject matter includes homesteads in rural areas, mostly farms, with colourful flowers and joyful ladies doing the washing, shopping or just gossiping in the dusty streets.

I therefore dream my painting, and I paint my dream.