Gini Harris

Gini Harris


Gini Harris was born in 1964 in Benoni on the East Rand, Gauteng. She matriculated in 1982 and thereafter studied Graphic Design at the Witwatersrand Technikon. She worked as a technical illustrator and designer, and at the same time also developed her fine art career completing many successful commissions. In 2008 Gini discovered miniature art and was instantly hooked. Since then she has had a great deal of success winning many awards and participating in numerous exhibitions both internationally and locally. Gini has worked as a full time artist for more than 35 years and only recently has she taken up the challenge of teaching art.



I am a working artist, relying almost solely on sales as well as doing commissioned artwork. Although I am happy to work in any size and am proficient in many styles and mediums, I have had a great deal of success with miniature art in oils. Painting small and getting lost in the detail, I try to capture the essence of whatever I'm painting in the tiny space, drawing the viewer in so that they can see all the smaller details and intricacies I left for them to discover.

Although I work with realism and great attention to detail in my miniatures, I try to take it that one step further so that the colour, play of light and textures in a painting all come alive. I am well known for my commissioned landscapes and portraits but try to mix it up by doing other subject matter such as still life and animals/pets. My favourite subject to paint is people, especially in my larger artworks, but I also love painting landscapes, plants and trees. I'm relatively new to painting botanicals, but I feel that it could develop into a passion.

Apart from commissioned work, the process of creating a painting starts with taking my own reference photos. I try to capture the exact feeling I had when I took the shot. I get my inspiration mostly from my own photographs obsessively collecting reference material and often keeping photos for years before painting them.

I like to believe that every painting I do has its own relevance in time and will hopefully be adored by its eventual owner.