Elsa Cornelissen

Elsa Cornelissen


Elsa's art is an extension of herself and through her  art she has been able to channel her emotions and life experience to grow as a person within herself.

This vigorous artist is passionate about live, people nature and colour and wants to make a difference through her paintings. She would like to touch people's souls and connect with them on a deeper level to bring healing and freedom.

Elsa's main genre of work are Wildlife, Symbolic Expressionism, Emotionally Expressive Portraits and Nude Studies with her medium of choice being acrylics. She also integrates textures and different mixed media.

She is however well versed in many various genres and mediums and shares her knowledge with other through her art workshops.

Since completing her BA in Fine Art at the University of Pretoria in 1980, she has taught art at various high schools and technical colleges, held various local and international exhibitions and is a full-time passionate devoted artist.

Elsa Cornelissen grow up in a small town Prieska on the south bank of the Orange River, in the province of the Northern Cape, South Africa.

After completing her studies at the University of Pretoria she moved to Hartbeespoort, North West Province, South Africa where she still runs a full-time studio. Elsa has two beautiful daughters and enjoys the outdoors.

Each painting communicate an emotion using colour as a tool. The paintings has been exhibited locally and internationally and are in private and corporate collections worldwide. Paintings are also available at selected galleries.

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Passion, People and Art



Art to me is more than the painting itself, it is an extension of myself, a link to my inner world and a deliberate link to you in your vast outer world, channeling my thinking process expressing my honest emotions and life values...

Awakening our joint creativity that we all inherently possess.

Exploring with colour is a very powerful intense journey to express and connect on a deeper level.

People, nature and art is my passion. Through art I would like to touch peoples souls and connect with them to make a difference.