Genuine Art and Business are the ultimate partnership toward catalyzing social evolution and well-being. — Vanna Bonta

WKA  |  Worth Knowing About 

The WKA project was borne from a need to showcase South African art and artists to a wider market. A need to introduce the business-person, the corporate CEO and their clients to the joy and broader thinking that comes from art appreciation — and a need to give that business-person, their collegues and associates, the confidence to walk into an art gallery, recognise a painting or two, and impress the gallerist with an educated request or opinion.

South Africa is home to many talented and committed artists. Artists who make the world a better and brighter place because of what they do. Dedicated artists who are worth knowing about. Artists who produce work deserving of a place on the boardroom wall, at the reception desk, in a corporate collection. These are the artists that the WKA project presents to you — ultimately in a beautifully printed coffee-table book, to gift to your most valued clients. Now isn't that better than another deskpad?

Only 40 artists
  |  Who will they be?

For more information, kindly contact us via email: wka.artist@gmail.com

WKA supports READ TO RISE, a non-profit organisation committed to promoting youth literacy in schools in South Africa's under-resourced communities. www.readtorise.co.za


Athol Williams

Athol will write the Foreword for the book

Athol Williams is a multi-award winning author who has published 11 books and had over 100 poems published in literary journals. He is the only person to have won the Sol Plaaitjie European Union Poetry Award twice and the only person worldwide to earn five masters degrees from five of the world’s top-ranked universities, namely Harvard, Oxford, MIT, LSE and London Business School. Athol is a Senior Lecturer at UCT and Chairman of literacy NGO, Read to Rise.

Bradley Twaddle


With extensive knowledge and experience in the South African art world, Bradley Twaddle embraces every opportunity to educate both locals and international visitors about South African art culture. He nurtures the relationships he has developed with local artists, and delights in hosting art collectors and enthusiasts - offering them an elite artsy experience when visiting the beautiful Cape region.

Brendan Bell


Brendan Bell Brendan Bell was Director of the Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg from 1992 to 2018. During that time he and his staff made additions to the Gallery’s permanent collection which expanded the original European core collection. These additions reflect historical and contemporary developments in South African art production, particularly of KwaZulu-Natal. He initiated, contributed to, and edited many publications for temporary exhibitions and will edit the WKA publication.

Carmen Brander

Initiator and Driver

Having spent much of her career in advertising and publishing, Carmen Brander is best known as a designer and creative director, with a flair for concepts. However, her passion lies in working with artists at every level, from vulnerable children in townships to prestige exhibitions for established South African and international artists. Her own work includes large scale public art works, as well as her delightfully quirky paintings inspired by the children she has worked with. These can be found in both local and international collections.

Else Herrmann


As a private banker, Else Herrmann has liaised with some of South Africa’s most avid art collectors. She understands the importance of art as investment and her own private art collection boasts enviable works by some of South Africa’s most renowned artists. Else has traveled extensively, having visited every continent, bar Antarctica, and over twenty-five countries. On her trips, she always keeps a keen eye open for exceptional works of art. Else sits on the WKA advisory panel.

Garth Kemp


A photolithographer by trade, Garth Kemp joined the printing industry where he earned his reputation as a colour specialist. He managed some of the most reputable repro-houses before moving into advertising and publishing. He has trained numerous young designers and even professional photographers in both manual and digital colour manipulation. Garth is an astute collector of South African art, particularly finding value in the work of young, emerging artists.

Melanie Veness

Advisor (Business)

Melanie Veness is a feisty advocate for business, equality and justice, and is driven to contribute to meaningful societal change. She is the CEO of PMCB, and Vice Chair of the Association of South African Chambers (ASAC). She chaired the Chamber CEO’s Forum at the South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI) for several years, and is currently the chair of the local South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) branch. Melanie is a creative, hands-on organiser, with a passion for the arts, and enjoys working on projects in support of local artists.

Nomaza Nongqunga Coupez

Advisor (International)

When Nomaza Coupez left South Africa to live in France, she realised the significance of culture as a vehicle to empower young people. Seeing that African artists are not adequately represented in Europe, and how that could promote cross-cultural understanding, she launched Undiscovered Canvas. In 2017 Nomaza was appointed by French President Mr Emmanuel Macron to serve on the Conseil Presidential pour Afrique (CPA), to advise on contemporary African culture and education.

Pat Franken

Sponsorships & Sales

After many successful years in sales, Pat Franken’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of sales and publishing drove her to start her own media business. Not only does she have her own array of magazines, and vanity publishing business, she sells advertising for five other businesses as well. Each year Pat achieves that extra level of commitment, adding to her stable of business offerings. She is an inspiration to South African women, proving what can be done if one tries. Pat sources funding for the WKA project.

Susie Goodman

Advisor (Professional)

Susie Goodman has a broad knowledge of the art market and extensive experience in the art world, both locally and internationally. As a qualified auctioneer, Susie has conducted auctions in the salerooms of both Strauss & Co and Christie’s, and has been involved in record-breaking sales. Susie specialises in client advisory services. She has a particular passion for advising on the building of new collections.

Terry King

Advisor (Academic)

Terry King was Professor in Art History and Fine Art at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Prior to that, he taught at the Universities of the Witwatersrand and South Africa, and at the Natal Technikon. Undoubtedly, his teaching and mentorship of so many students has left an indelible influence and life-long appreciation of fine art. Terry has participated in approximately 50 group exhibitions and 14 joint or one-person exhibitions.

Wilhelm van Rensberg

Advisor (Professional)

Wilhelm van Rensburg is a prolific champion of art across a broad spectrum of channels. Early on, Wilhelm decided to complement his initial career path in education with various activities related to the dissemination and understanding of art. He was the chief art critic for Beeld newspaper for ten years before moving into freelance curating. Wilhelm joined Strauss & Co as an Art Specialist in 2016.


Lunga Khumalo

SOWETO Facebook Mixed media

Siyabonga Sikosana

PIETERMARITZBURG Facebook and Google Acrylic on canvas Township scenes

Sulette van der Merwe

CAPE TOWN www.sulettevandermerwe.co.za Acrylic on board Pop surealism


Opportunities not only for artists, but also for corporates, businesses and individuals


  • Get more than 90% of your sponsorship value back in beautifully printed books
  • Your sponsorship is an investment in this exclusive gift for your valued clients
  • Enjoy the confidence in knowing that our artists have been pre-approved by a panel of art and investment experts
  • Free advice and relevant information about your preferred artists' work
  • Sponsors are acknowledged on a dedicated upfront spread in the prestigious publication
  • Invitations to the official Book Launch and to exhibitions
  • Become knowledgeable about contemporary local artists, and fall in love with their paintings
  • As an added bonus — Most artists have offered to donate a painting or a print to their sponsor!

Now isn’t that all amazingly exciting news!

Only 40 artists can feature in the printed book and YOU get to decide who they will be!


1. You are invited to participate by sponsoring an artist
Over 65 artists who have applied, have already been approved by the WKA panel. The first 40 artists to be sponsored, will feature in the printed coffee-table book.

2. 'Fall in love'
Browse ARTISTS and ARTISTS GALLERY and appreciate the work by our pre-approved artists. You are sure to fall in love with at least one of them, so contact us promptly to secure your favourite artist.

3. Feel free to ask questions
We are here to answer your questions ­— from “What if the artist we love is not on the website?”, to “Has this artist agreed to donate a painting or a print?” to “When do we get our books?” ... Just ask!

4. Send us your Booking Form
Once we have received your completed booking form, we will notify your artist that they have a sponsor and to supply us with the information we require for their 6 exclusive pages. If they have agreed to donate a painting or print, WKA will connect the two of you so that you can make final arrangements in that regard.

5. We will send you an invoice
Since the project relies solely on sponsorships, it will only go to print once all payments have been made. We appreciate your co-operation in this regard.

Go on, make an artist happy ... and be rewarded!

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